Cape Reinga Landscape

Cape Reinga – The Top of Middle Earth

Falling into a mundane routine occurs so gradually you don't even realize it's happening. Waking up, going to work, making dinner, watching Netflix, sleeping, and then getting up the next day to do it all over again, for months at a time. Even J and I, who have spent a huge amount of time and …

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Everyday Adventure: Totara Park Mountain Biking

You don't have to travel far to become an explorer of new places. Sometimes an everyday adventure is just what you need to put a little spice in your life. A great place to explore if you're in the Auckland area of New Zealand is Totara Park. Situated one exit before the Auckland Botanical Gardens …

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Tongariro National Park: Hiking the Taranaki Falls Track

A rainy first hiking experience on the Taranaki Falls track on the North Island of New Zealand. It made for a beautiful experience!

Finding the New Normal

Moving to a new country is stressful. Settling in a new country is even more stressful. You're trying to get used to your new surroundings, new job, new language, and your new normal. It's really exciting too because every day is a different experience and you're seeing everything with fresh eyes. Things that long term …

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The Island

Looking out across the incredibly calm ocean, my deliciously crisp New Zealand white wine  flowing across my tongue, I felt a stillness in me I hadn't felt for a long time. In that exact moment I was happy. All felt right with the world. I looked over at J, who had the same expression of sereneness on his …

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