Who is Blonde and Blistered?

Welcome to Blonde & Blistered and thanks for stopping by!

First off, I should introduce myself. My name is Kristie and I am a lover of travel, outdoor adventures, scary movies (what’s your favourite scary movie?), and science-y stuff (I work in a hospital medical lab and biochemistry is my jam!). I’m originally from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, land of 8 months of winter (if you’re lucky as my Mom says), and all the hockey hair you can handle, but I’ve moved around a bit and currently call Auckland, New Zealand home.

Blonde & Blistered was originally created to write about the trials and tribulations of training for my first marathon since, after completing a handful of shorter distance races, I was sure I was ready for something bigger. An epic 42.2km around Banff in the middle of the majestic Rocky Mountains seemed like the perfect choice. Go big or go home right?

Unfortunately, a few months after signing up, I snapped my wrist learning how to snowboard in those same majestic mountains. Did you know that the injury I suffered was so common they have a name for it? It’s called a “dinner-fork” break and it is SUPER common among snowboarders. Needless to say Blonde & Blistered was all but forgotten, and I missed out on weeks of training as I healed, and then tried to get back into the rhythm of running.

The worst part of the injury was being faced with the possibility of having to cancel my trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, and I was devastated at the potential of losing out on this once in a lifetime experience.

But the upside of breaking your wrist at a world class ski resort is that the doctors are amazingly good at setting bones back into place. I healed with hardly any issues and no surgery required, although even now my wrist is able to tell me when it’s going to rain. I got to see the giant tortoises in the Galapagos, and I also made it to the finish line of the marathon, even if I was questioning my sanity nearly every step of the way.

Since then, Blonde & Blistered has morphed into a place to share my passions: writing and photography, especially when they allow me to tell stories about new places I’ve explored, or to showcase this amazing world around us through beautiful photographs.

Blonde & Blistered is a space to acknowledge that sometimes, not everything goes the way we want it to, and honestly, that’s part of this journey. Hopefully there are others out there who feel the same!

So join me in my adventures (and lets’ get real, misadventures as well), and I hope to hear from you soon.

Welcome to Blonde & Blistered!