Everyday Adventure: Totara Park Mountain Biking

You don’t have to travel far to become an explorer of new places. Sometimes an everyday adventure is just what you need to put a little spice in your life.

Totara Park
Beautiful Totara Park

A great place to explore if you’re in the Auckland area of New Zealand is Totara Park. Situated one exit before the Auckland Botanical Gardens in the southern part of the city, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a stroll or, in this case, a nice early morning bike ride.

Totara Park Mountain Biking
Totara Park Mountain Bike Trails

The trails are well marked and specific to mountain biking meaning bikers have the right of way. The trails are also directional and you can choose either the short or the long route, or a combination of the two.

Totara Park Mountain Biking Trails
Entrance to biking trails
Totara Park Anaconda Bike Trail
Anaconda Trail in Totara Park

Beginners will be slightly challenged on some of the tracks but they are suitable for everyone. No features are unavoidable and there are a few nice wide bridges with some tight corners to practice your skills. The only major hazard to watch out for comes from the local wildlife who may or may not move for you as you ride by.

Totara Park Wildlife
Wildlife of Totara Park
Totara Park mountain bike hazards
Careful where you put your wheels!

There is one section that is more intermediate, and I watched a lot of riders make several trips up the left side so they could enjoy the flowy, downhill, pump track on the right. I highly recommend trying it because it’s a lot of fun!

Totara Park mountain bike trails
Uphill on the left, downhill on the right
Totara mountain bike trails
The climb is worth the reward at the end!

There’s also a nice section through the trees that takes you past a little waterfall. The scenery really does make it easy to forget you’re in the middle of the biggest city in New Zealand!

Totara Park waterfall
Hard to believe you’re in the middle of a major city.

If you’re short on time (or don’t want to spend a bunch of money), Totara Park is a great place for a quick adventure. The trails are super fun and a great spot for the whole family. The perfect place for an everyday adventure!

Totara Park landscape- tree
Perfect place for an everyday adventure!

One step outside your comfort zone is a step towards adventure. Happy trails!

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