Bikes and Brews

Second day in Auckland and I’m feeling really off but I want to be out doing things so I suck it up and go.

J is taking me mountain biking at Woodhill Mountain Bike Park and I’m ridiculously excited, and a bit nervous since this is my first time riding in New Zealand. No idea what to expect but it should be awesome.

We arrive at the park and the first thing I see is the Red Bull “trick park” with crazy jumps and skinnies over 10 feet off the ground. I’m thinking to myself “Oh shit, this isn’t going to go well”, but J assures me I’ll be fine.


Off we start on the trails and he’s like “Careful on this loose stuff, your bike will slide out from under you”, and again I’m thinking “Oh shit”.


But as we start riding it becomes clear that the trails are amazing, the forests are lush, and it was a great intro to biking in NZ. It’s not like home where you basically ride up for two hours and then ride down for 30 minutes or less. You can ride all day on tons of different trails with minimal up.


There were some steep climbs though and by the end of the day we were exhausted. Time for a beer and food at the nearby brewery Hallertau. It’s amazing. Go there.



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