One Night in Bangkok……Part 1


Best Way to Travel in BKK
Sky Train in Bangkok

After our early morning arrival into Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, and only a few hours sleep, my boyfriend J and I were feeling overwhelmed by jet lag, the heat, and our new surroundings. Due to these factors, we decided to do what any good North American would do….we headed to the mall! Lucky for us, the Bangkok Skytrain was within walking distance to our hotel. If you’re in Bangkok, use the train whenever possible. It’s cheap, reliable, and it’s way above the crazy Bangkok traffic so you can just look down at those poor suckers stuck there.

Traffic Jam
Traffic Jam

It only took us 20 minutes and one wrong stop to figure out how to use the train so, in my opinion, it’s an easy way to travel.  Plus, after walking only 2 blocks in the Thai heat, we were both covered in sweat and felt like our faces were going to melt off.  The AC in the train was amazing.

 Siam Center 

Inside Siam Centre
Inside Siam Centre

The Siam Center Mall (air conditioned!) has Thai and North American clothing shops, and an unconventional layout, which is fun to walk around. We ate at the food court where you load money onto a card to pay the vendor for your meal.  If you don’t use all the money then you get a refund. Food choices include Thai, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese food, and even smoothies and desserts.  Our first Thai food experience was this Pad Thai omelette, and some spicy stir-fried rice in a mall.  Not exactly how we planned it but it was surprisingly good.  That omelette is still one of my favourite things I ate in Thailand.

Stir fried Rice (left) and Pad Thai Omelette (right)
Stir fried Rice (left) and Pad Thai Omelette (right)

Data is super cheap in Thailand (for $30 Canadian we had enough data for the month we were there). J and I both brought unlocked phones, but we only put the data on his and I just used Wifi. This was super frustrating for me because there were a lot of times I couldn’t look things up or help us get un-lost.  Ladies, if you don’t like being dependent on your man, get your own data plan.  You can thank me later.

 Siam Paragon

Classy shops way out of my price range
Classy shops way out of my price range

We walked next door to Siam Paragon, a high-end mall with shops like Cartier and Versace, and car dealerships including Rolls Royce, and Maserati.  Needless to say, this mall is way classier than us, but it was cool to see.  There is also has an aquarium on the bottom floor, and a movie theatre on the top.

This car looks really fast and expensive
This car looks really fast and expensive

The movie theatres are amazing in Bangkok.  If you want to escape the heat (air conditioned! Seriously, bring a sweater), don’t feel like shopping anymore, or just love the silver screen, go to the cinema at Siam Paragon.  J and I ended up going twice and loved it both times.

The first was a 4D theatre where you watch your movie in 3D but they add in moving seats (the seat kicks your ass during fight scenes), mist in your face to simulate rain, air shooting out beside your head to simulate gun shots, and various smells to coincide with what you’re seeing on the big screen (think flowers for nature scenes and burning rubber for car chases).  There are even bubbles that float out for love scenes.  A couple times I wished for a seatbelt to hold me into my chair, and that first blast of air with the first gunshot in the movie nearly made me pee my pants.

Luxurious waiting area in the movie theatre
Luxurious waiting area in the movie theatre

The second time was the Bangkok Airways VIP Lounge where you’re treated like royalty.  Speaking of royalty, don’t worry if you’re a little late for the show.  They always play previews and the royal anthem (which you have to stand for) before the main event so you have a bit of extra time.  We were almost 20 minutes late and the movie hadn’t started yet!  Anyways, the VIP experience offers foot massages, and a private, two-person pod all to yourself.  Blankets and pillows are provided, and you can recline your seat and put your feet up if you like.  There is even a server who will come around and let you choose from a list of snacks, and a call button should you require anything during the show.

The movies are fairly priced for what you get and so different from the theatres back home!

Next we were off to the Chatuchak Weekend Market.  One of the world’s largest weekend markets, and a place where I’m pretty sure you can buy anything you ever dreamed of for the right price. But it deserves it’s own post.

2 thoughts on “One Night in Bangkok……Part 1

  1. I loved the movie theatre in that mall! It was 14 years ago, but movie theatres in the US are just starting to catch up. Now it sounds like it’s taken another leap forward into a total sensory experience! I want the VIP treatment with foot massage. That’s enough reason to fly back to Bangkok right there.


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