The All Important Inaugural Post

Tofino Zen    I wasn’t sure the day would ever come when I actually made my first blog post as Blonde and Blistered.  Even though I always wanted it to happen, I managed to put it off and procrastinate enough that I never made it a priority. For well over a year I’ve been wishing and hoping, and telling people “I should start a blog”. The events of the last couple days have dissolved that fear, and I feel as though it’s either put up or shut up time.  I like to tell stories.  Stories about my life, other people’s lives, and life in general.  I’m fascinated by the world around me and I want to share my stories with anybody who is willing to read it.

Blonde and Blistered was the original title for a blog that was supposed to be about marathon training.  I thought I was pretty clever with the name and it fit perfectly with the running motif.  Then I broke my wrist doing a double back-flip on my snowboard off a cliff…..just kidding.  It was my second day out learning how to snowboard (which I am currently still doing), I took a bad fall while trying to get to the chalet, and I snapped that sucker like a twig.  It’s amazing how fragile bones can be.  That put the training on hold while I dealt with feeling sorry for myself, and the blog was put on the back burner.

Recently I decided that I am definitely going to start writing so I needed to come up with another name for my blog.  I googled, and asked friends, and googled some more but I couldn’t come up with anything.  That’s when I had the epiphany that I am blonde and blistered.  My entire life I’ve been blonde and blistered.  Not in the literal sense of course (well I’m literally blonde), but in the fact that I enjoy doing things the hard way.  I never take people’s advice, I never make the choices that are “good for me”, and I have to learn everything the hard way.  Just ask my parents.  Picking up their then 19-year old daughter from a basement suite in the roughest part of Calgary, where she had been living with her boyfriend, his stripper sister and her daughter, his stripper sister’s girlfriend, no electricity, and a guy upstairs who sold drugs and regularly beat the crap out of his girlfriend, was probably pretty hard on them.  That’s just how I roll.

So Blonde and Blistered it is.  I’m going to write and hopefully somebody is going to read it but if not, that’s cool too.  I’ll have a great collection of stories to read back and laugh at.  Or cry.  Or be horrified that that actually happened.  Who wants to read about marathon training anyway?

9 thoughts on “The All Important Inaugural Post

  1. I had just started to train for a marathon in september when I hurt my back. I’m still recuperating and haven’t been able to run or workout for the past 5 months and there is no end in site. I feel your pain in feeling sorry for yourself. My social life consists solely of doctors appointments and physical therapy. I’ve gained 10 pounds being stuck to the sofa and oh… did I mention, I’m also blonde? LOL I’ll be following your blog and look forward to your stories! Best of luck with it!!!


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